Welcome to the world of Aru!


A world of risk and reward. Teeming with life on several continents, the world is home to a myriad of races from dwarves to elves and gnolls to goblins!

This is the campaign page for several fourth edition D&D games set in the homebrewn world of Aru. To read more about the setting, or get info on character creation, head to the Wiki. The games are usually roleplay-heavy, though also include combat encounters (the exact ratio of these elements varies). We use Skype for communications and Roll20 for gameplay.

Read on how I conceived the world: History of Aru

Currently active games:
Cloaks and Daggers in the Ith Menotian Nights, a political game of intrigue and espionage set in the glorious republic of Ith Menos.

Past games:
Aeona, Adventures on the Sundered Continent, the first game set in Aru creating many of the foundations of later games. Told the story of a group of heroes set to stop another Sundering from ravaging Aeona, and the world.
Into the Underdark – Rebuilding a Sundered World, the second Aeona-centric game, where heroes belonging to the Legends Guild helped build New Scarmine and fight a threat from the underworld.

The World of Aru

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