Aeona Timeline

For simplicity’s sake, months follow the Julian calendar.

2000-1700 BCR
The Barbarian Tribes arrive on Aeona and slowly push The Thylites up north.

1300-1200 BCR
An offshoot tribe of the Barbarian Tribes settle the Isle of Frost.

0 CR
The Crowning of Redd: Establishment of the Redd empire and the beginning of time in the Reddite calendar.

378 CR
The explorer Tal arrives at Tal’s Point, christens the new continent as Aeona. Originally the migrants coexist peacefully with the Barbarian Tribes.

383 CR
Fighting breaks between Tal’s Point and the Barbarian Tribes. The Redd empire sends troops and gives the mandate to permanently settle the lands.

387 CR
Tal’s people, now known as Aeonites have succesfully pushed the Barbarian Tribes back thanks to superior military might. The fortress city of Sten is founded.

389 CR
Tal dies in battle against the Barbarian Tribes. The Redd empire sends more troops and mandates the Aeonites to conquer all of Aeona.

392 CR
The cities of Gladeril and Ouril are founded on conquered lands. The Aeonites push aggressively to the east.

393 CR
The Aeonites settle The Triad, founding Port Fino to serve as another staging point for attacks to the eastern plains.

395 CR
Caun is founded.

399 CR
The Aeonites finally push back the last of the Barbarian Tribes from the western half of the continent. The future capital of Scarmine is founded.

402 CR
Tarmine is founded.

411 CR
The Aeonites end their military campaign against the Barbarian Tribes, as the Great Truce is signed. At this point the Barbarian Tribes are reduced to living in the southwestern parts of Aeona.

415 CR
Aeona officially becomes a sovereign kingdom as King Gine I is crowned. King Gine I moves the capital from Tal’s Point to Scarmine and begins sizable constructions in the new capital.

415 CR – 1204 CR
Aeona prospers under benevolent rule. The Great Truce continues uninterrupted. The Aeonites secure the continent by founding settlements around it. Trade starts with Redd and Aiur.

1204 CR
March 25th
The Great Sundering. Massive magical forces out of nowhere rip through eastern Aeona dividing the continent into two pieces. The Sundering goes through the Grand City of Scarmine utterly destroying it.
March 30th
King Noma III is crowned in the city of Ouril, now designated as the new capital.

1206 CR
January 2nd
The great artefact The Staff of a Thousand Ages is stolen from the Aeonites by a rogue wizard. King Noma III issues a widespread call for adventurers, heard even all around the Redd empire.
August 29th
The Luminous Soldiers successfully return The Staff of a Thousand Ages to [[King Noma III] just as a new group of heroes Heralds of the Rising Dawn arrive at Ouril.
December 25th
The Heralds of the Rising Dawn defeat a powerful evil entity inside Mount Conac, stopping another Sundering. The heroes aren’t heard of again.

1208 CR
February 13th
King Noma III issues a national effort to rebuild Scarmine. New Scarmine is to be built in several phases, targeted to finish on the tenth anniversary of the Great Sundering..
February 29th
King Noma III orders veteran adventurer Andor Silverscale to found a permanent adventurer’s guild on Aeona to make the nation less dependent on foreign aid.
April 1st
Andor Silverscale along with four other founding members form The Legends Guild. Adventurers quickly flock to the guild.

1210 CR
July 6th
The first phase of rebuilding New Scarmine is finished. The foundations of a new city are laid in and the reconstruction effort speeds up. A fair is held in Ouril to celebrate the occasion.

Aeona Timeline

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