History of Aru

The Beginning

One could ask where the whole idea for the world came from. I have created other worlds too, mostly in my head. I love imagining fantastical worlds and what’s in them. That said, I can easily pinpoint the “birth” of the world of Aru: It all started with the map of Aeona.

I wanted to draw a new fantasy map, so I went for it. As I was drawing the map I started imagining what the world was like. At that point there weren’t even any names yet. I drew part of the continent, then I decided to add a shattered-like archipelago. Suddenly I started imagining what could cause such a feature. There had to be a great magical calamity that struck the world. The Sundering! How would this affect the continent? More and more questions came up and the world started taking shape.

Finally I started naming places, imagining what they were all about. There were the seven cities. Scarmine, the capital, was destroyed. A strange tribe of xenophobes lived in the north in what were called “thyles”. Finally everything was settling in and the name of the Sundered Continent came to me. It was Aeona.

A Growing World

After I crafted Aeona I noticed that there was obviously going to be things outside the continent. Small tidbits started to grow into larger wholes. There was something called Aiur up north. Down south there was the great Empire of Redd. At first all of this was simply written from the perspective of Aeona.

Eventually I realized I had to zoom out, since there was clearly a whole world out there to explore and create. I drew a map showing Aeona, The Empire of Redd and a new place, Ith Menos. Suddenly the problem was that Redd didn’t fit the map! The map was just the area around one sea, but the massive Empire would need to get it’s own map.

Just a map of Redd wouldn’t really show the scope of the Empire, so suddenly I zoomed out and looked at, what at that time was the whole world. Now I got into trouble, since I couldn’t conceivably keep calling the world “Aeona”, since it was clearly just a small part of the world. That’s when I created the world map, and named the world Aru.

Future Extension

With the world map I opened the gates for so much more. I have no idea what Don or Castir are, but they are on the map and part of the world. There’s so much room for creating things. Just like with the map of Aeona, the map of Aru doesn’t have any definitive evidence that it’s indeed all of the world, so there’s even still room to extend the world if needed. That said, just what’s on the map now will take years to fill out and even then there’s temporal dimensions to take into account too!

History of Aru

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