Quest Log

Main Quests Completed: 3
Side Quests Completed: 1
Quests Failed: 2

Active Quests

Back in Prison

1. After having broken into the house of the mayor of a town, Adin Shadriel is caught trying to peddle the stolen goods to the traders outside Silver Hammer Hold. As the rest of The Party attempt to enter the Hold, they too are taken into custody.

King Under the Mountain
1. According to Gmem, the dwarves of Silver Hammer Hold are one of the original founding races of Ith Menos. They have reason to be wary of the current administration and may be swayed to help the cause.

2. The dwarves are led by Vice King Theoron Ironfist.

Inioch’s Heirs
1. According to Gmem, the elves of Heartwood are among the founding members of the Republic. As so, they may not be happy with current affairs, and may be swayed to the cause.

Home is Where My Heart Is
1. According to Gmem, the plainsfolk halflings residing in Home are one of the three original races of the Republic. They may be able to help with the cause.

A Higher Power
1. According to Gmem, Carthan is home to several rumoured artefacts, which could help The Party with their goals. Gmem doesn’t prioritize the artefacts as anything too important for The Party to pursue, but to instead focus on the task at hand.

2. Forsythe tells The Party to look into Stonehallow Peaks, Groves of Avalon, The Mirror and Silver Hammer Hold.

Shadows in the Night
1. The Party was ambushed by assassin’s of the Guild of Shadows. There was a letter on one of the assassin’s signed by a Corrin. What’s the guild’s endgame? Why kill The Party?

2. The Party was confronted by Perrin the Beggar. According to the minotaur, the Guild of Shadows is willing to reconsider their position with The Party. He informs them that they should seek out agents of the guild in Whitebrook and Shadowbog.

Dwarven Correspondence
1. The Party discover a dwarven letter on the body of a highly modified warforged. The meaning of the letter eludes them, but perhaps some dwarves might be able to shed some light on the lost letter.

2. The Party discovers another letter on the body of a young dwarven boy.

Protector of the Republic

Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes

The Tricorne

Tools of the Trade

The Sun and the Moon

Completed Quests

No Stone Left Unturned
1. Milk discovers The Party has lost the other piece of a set of one-way listening stones. Fearing the stones may have been reversed, The Party is sent out to meet with the wizard Forsythe.

2. The Party got ambushed at Fishermen’s Rest by members of the Guild of Shadows, sent on a bounty by Corrin. The Party defeated the assassin’s with the help of Myth, who also advised them to keep on their current path towards Forsythe, as the wizard may still have valuable insight.

3. The Party meets up with Forsythe, who helps them out and delivers a letter from Gmem.

Mission Succesful!
Rewards: The Map of Carthan, Feather of Forsythe, Horn of the World Serpent

Mission Failed.

Meet the Republic
1. Milk suggests The Party should go to the House of the Republic to meet with officials, such as the spymaster.
2. The Party commits crimes against the Republic and are thrown into prison.
Mission Failed.

Company Rules
1. The Party is told by Milk to head to the City Archives and get forged papers identifying them as an adventuring company.
2. The Party acquires the papers.
Mission Successful!
Rewards: Adventuring Company Identification Documents

To Kill for a Map
1. Adin and Felix are given a mission by Milk to use a specialized dart to assassinate a minotaur, take part of his robe as proof and get a map of Menos from the City Archives.
2. The adventurers try to assassinate the minotaur, but fail. They find out this was simply a test and that the target, Perrin the Beggar is another Imperial spy.
3. The adventurers get to the City Archives and acquire the city map from High Archivist Elith.
Mission Successful!
Rewards: The Map of Menos

Enter the Spies
1. The Party is given orders by the Imperial spy network to head to Menos, the capital city of the Republic. They need to link up with the local contact called Milk the halfling merchant.
2. The Party meets up with Milk.
Mission Successful!

Quest Log

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