Character Creation

Races, Classes & etc.

The world of Aru is completely separate from the classic D&D settings, so there are no restrictions of races or classes. Whether the origin is Forgotten Realms or Eberron, if it exists in the 4e books, it exists in Aru.

Homebrew elements: The strength of a homebrewn setting is that you can easily mix in elements of different settings into the original content of the world. Even moreso, you can create whatever you want into the world without upsetting decades of established lore. Thusly, you can bring your own homebrewn elements into the gameworld if you wish. You can use deities you’ve made up, or refer to lands outside of the established lore of Aru etc. They will then be incorporated into the “canon” lore of the world! Consult the DM if you are unsure about your choices or what to create.

Learn about the setting-specific fluff on the wiki, or ask the DM.

Character Creation Rules

The rules for character creation are as stated in the official rules. Standard point buy system, 100gp starting gold etc. Roleplaying items can be free. Consult the DM with any questions.

The world is a “skeleton world”. There are areas of it (such as Aeona), which are highly detailed, while areas such as parts of The Redd Empire are more sparse. As such there is high flexibility in the world and injecting things into it for the sake of backstory. Basically if you really love for an example the city of Neverwinter, you might be from a city that’s exactly like Neverwinter, just not Neverwinter (though it can be named that!).

You may choose any background bonus and theme. They can be freely refluffed. Think of them merely as mechanical bonuses.

Character Creation

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