House Rules

The DM has a preference for fluidity of roleplay, so certain rules have been added to simplify aspects of gameplay. Some of these rules are part of the core rules, but are written here for the sake of clarity.

1. Weapons are considered unsheathed at initiative. Normal rules apply to sheathing/unsheathing during combat.

2. The full inventory is considered to be easily accessible to the person. No item is “at the bottom of a backpack”, and is always available from the hammerspace, unless otherwise specified.

3. Armor is always assumed to be equipped, even during sleep (with no ill effects), unless explicitly removed.

4. Currency is weightless.

5. Lethal and nonlethal damage are fully interchangeable. There is no need to declare nonlethal damage, as both damage types go towards the same health pool. If you wish to not kill someone but simply knock them unconscious, it is enough to simply state this to the DM. Nonlethal attacks do full damage. Any power can be used to deal nonlethal damage (nonlethal Power Word: Kill is possible!).

6. The party shares XP. Everyone levels up at the same time, so no need to keep track of individual xp. This isn’t dependent on whether a particular character is present or not.

House Rules

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