Silver Hammer Hold

Home to the Silver Hammer dwarves. The Hold is ruled by the Vice King Theoron Ironfist and maintains a level of autonomy.

The dwarves of SIlver Hammer Hold are diligent traders and craftsmen. The Hold sits at a central junction maintaining trade between the Carthan continent and The Underdark below it.

The dwarves were also one of the three original founders of Ith Menos. As such they have great influence over the Republic. This is further strengthened by the fact that the dwarves field the only standing army in the Republic.

The dwarven army consists of approximately twenty companies of a thousand dwarves each. In each company there are approximately two hundred professional soldiers, with the rest being conscripts. In addition to the twenty main companies, smaller specific regiments exist, such as the Golden Bulwark.

Consists of seven districts:

1. Outer District, outside The Great Gate on the surface. The district is temporary home to foreign traders. Though physically outside the mountain, the district is nevertheless Hold territory.
2. Diplomat District. The district houses envoys from the surface and underground. It is the most racially diverse of the districts, but is under heavy scrutiny by the Golden Bulwark. The district connects the Hold to The Underdark.
3. War District. Home to the soldiers and their support organizations. The district in generally off limits to civilians without proper authorization. The district is said to be able to support the full might of the dwarven army if mustered.
4. Industrial District. A centre of dwarven industrial ingenuity. Thousands of tradesmen toil to produce trade goods to be sent out from the Hold. The district is adjacent to the War District and in a war effort will turn to support it completely. The district extends far underground close to Deepforge, but the outer areas have been used much less since the great forge was lost.
5. Market District. Whereas the Outer District was home to foreign trade, this district handles all the domestic trade inside the Hold. It is a central district adjacent to the Residential District, Diplomat District, Industrial District and even the Royal District.
6. Residential District. The largest of all the districts, it extends far and wide in a series of tunnels and massive caves. The vast majority of the dwarves have their homes here.
7. Royal District. The nerve centre of the Hold. Here lies the Throne as well as a large bureaucratic complex. The district is freely accessible by any dwarf or visitor to the Hold, but certain areas are strictly off limits without authorization from the Vice King.

Silver Hammer Hold

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