The Mainland

The mainland of Aeona in it’s current form can be divided into four main areas:

Western Aeona is inhabited by the Barbarian Tribes. The Aeonites have a small presence in the west, mainly around the settlements of Passhall and Westend. Western Aeona is mainly comprised of plains. The Passhall region is comprised of a mountain range, from which two rivers flow north and south. The southern river has created a lake, which further flows down to the west, dividing the areas held by the barbarians and the Aeonites.

Northern Aeona is an unkempt wilderness. It is dominated by the Conac mountain region, which in turn is dominated by the eponymous Mount Conac. The mountain region is surrounded by thick marshlands. The Aeonites only have two settlements in this harsh region. Tesmine is a settlement situated in the only forest in the northern region. Tilmit lies just south of Mount Conac. It is an important mining colony, supplying most of the precious minerals and metals used on the continent outside of imports. North of Mount Conac lies a tundra region know as The Thyles. The area is named for the large manmade mounds that pepper the landscape. These mounds, known as thyles house The Thylites, a secretive people that mostly stays north of Mount Conac and interacts very little with the Aeonites.

Central Aeona is the area around Lake Sten and the river and delta areas south of it. The area is fertile and densely populated, as three of the Seven Great Cities are in the area: Gladeril, Sten and Tal’s Point. The lake is surrounded by fertile plains, forests and light marshlands. The area is solely populated by Aeonites, though the barbarians often raid the fertile lands.

Southeastern Aeona is in complete control of the Aeonites. It is the most well-to-do area in all of Aeona. Three great cities lie in the southeast: Tarmine, Caun and the current capital Ouril. The majority of tradesmen, merchants and nobles live in the southeast. The southeast is lightly forested with great plains.

The Mainland is known as Aeona Major since the 16th century.

The Mainland

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