Adventuring Company

The Empire of Redd

Adventuring companies in the Empire are lightly organized groups of adventurers. Unlike in most other parts of Aru, companies aren’t expected to carry identification papers. Companies are encouraged to sign up at a local imperial official. Companies have a certain level of freedom moving around and often receive discounts at stores.

Ith Menos

Ith Menotian adventuring companies are government sanctioned groups that are closely monitored by the Republic. Companies are required to register personally with the spymaster and are expected to carry identification papers at all times. The adventuring companies will form a single entity in legal situations. For an example a crime committed by one member of a company makes each member equally guilty of the crime.


By law adventurers arriving from abroad are required to register as an adventuring company when they arrive on Aeona. They will be given identification papers identifying them as such. Being in an adventuring company gives certain freedom to the adventurers, but also sets certain rules and restrictions on them.

Superseded by The Legends Guild.

Adventuring Company

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